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Dr. Pilloff's Wish List

Stuyvesant High School NEW YORK, NY

As we all know, supplies are key to our children's learning. I want my students to have every opportunity to explore their potential and excel!

So I've created a Wish List at ClassWish.org, a nonprofit website that helps us join together to get the supplies we need to equip a great classroom.

This is a great opportunity for parents, family, friends, and community members to see exactly what is needed and how you can help so our children can learn, grow and perform at their best.

Also, you will be pleased to know that all contributions are tax-deductible, and ClassWish emails you a receipt. Many companies match employee contributions, and that can double your impact.

To help make these wishes a reality, please visit my Wish List at: https://classwish.org/teachers/1289

Our Story

Get students engaged, and then they'll respond to rigorous challenge. In my nutrition and general biology classes, I'm always looking to connect the material to the students. Hands-on models, inquiry-based labs, press reports, mini-movies, student presentations all extend the curriculum beyond the textbook. We would be thrilled if you'd help us in our science class!

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Acrylic Prisms (1)



Cross-Section Plant Cell Model (9)