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Here is what we need

Your contribution will help Ms. B get essential resources for students, including those below:

Classroom Supplies

Paper, safety scissors, tape, rulers, erasers, pencils -- classroom supplies are the fuel for learning in every classroom. Please help us get these essentials.


Books for children with Autism. Picture books, repetitive books, colorful books, multisensory (touch and feel, pop up, ebooks, etc) books, etc.

Children's Books

Books for children with Autism. Picture books, repetitive books, colorful books, multisensory (touch and feel, pop up, ebooks, etc) books, etc.

Classroom Decorations

Students are so much more excited and engaged when they are in a rich, stimulating environment. We need to create a "Calm Corner" to help my students calm down during those difficult days.

General Art Supplies

Art programs are essential for students to develop their creativity, and they depend on art supplies. Your contribution will help so much! My students LOVE to draw! They are so talented but we lack the supplies to help them grow to their full potential. Your donation will be put to great use! Construction paper, tissue paper, paint, buttons, sequins, glitter, and anything else we can put into a sensory bin or use for craft decorations would be amazing and appreciated!

Drawing Supplies

Most artists started with drawing, and people use the skills to express their ideas visually in every discipline, from architecture to science. Our students need paper, construction paper (lots of it!), crayons, markers, and pencils (both thin and thick for those who have trouble writing).

Special Education Resources

Every child deserves whatever they need to learn, to develop, and to succeed. Your contribution will help those students reach their greatest potential. We are an ABA Autism self-contained classroom. Every student is different and has their own level of abilities and challenges. We would be grateful to receive sensory items, chew toys, manipulatives of all levels, self-help/ life skills items, etc.

Assistive Technology

We desperately need ipads for the classroom. My students do not all know how to use the computer and few are nonverbal which could use the communication apps to help them identify their wants and needs. Help give my students a voice!


Imagine what it would be like to sit all day in a bad chair all day. My students have sensory issues which make it difficult for them to sit for long periods of time. We need yogibo chairs, bean bags, 2 sturdy round tables for centers, and lots of tennis balls for the feet of the chair (to keep the room quiet for those who are sensitive to loud noises). We also desperately need some colorful dividers!! Sometimes we need our space and it also helps for those of us who need to focus without distractions all around us!

Classroom Carts

These carts help us organize resources and move them from room to room. At least 1 or 2 would be helpful! It will also help brighten our room.

Notebook Computers

Notebooks are a great choice for us because students can use them at their desks, and we can move them from one classroom to another, or store them when not in use to save space! I can draw on it and learn to type, research my questions!!


Everyone is publishing great educational apps for tablets, even for Special Needs students with Autism!! There are some amazing apps which are geared for students with Autism!


We need software for our school computers. Without that, they are just big paperweights. Please contribute to give our students the tools they need to work.

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