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School Name City State Zip
1 St Class Montessori Preschool MEMPHIS TN 38104
A B Hill Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38106-4425
A Maceo Walker Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38116
Airways Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38114-6288
Alcy Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38114-5809
Alcy Sda Jr Academy MEMPHIS TN 38106
Alton Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38106-7224
American Way Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38118
Avon Lenox School MEMPHIS TN 38117-1899
B T Washington High School MEMPHIS TN 38126-3910
Balmoral Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38119-7923
Bellevue Junior High School MEMPHIS TN 38104-4528
Berclair Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38122-5444
Bethel Grove Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38114-4221
Bornblum Solomon Schechter School MEMPHIS TN 38120
Breath Of Life Christian Academy MEMPHIS TN 38168
Briarcrest Christian School MEMPHIS TN 38120
Brookmeade Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38127-4717
Brownsville Road Elementary MEMPHIS TN 38134-8262
Bruce Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38104-4541
Caldwell Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38107-2483
Calvary Baptist Academy MEMPHIS TN 38115
Campus Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38152
Carnes Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38105-3108
Carver High School MEMPHIS TN 38109-1630
Central Baptist School MEMPHIS TN 38134
Central High School MEMPHIS TN 38104-3535
Charjean Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38114-5305
Cherokee Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38114-4011
Chickasaw Junior High School MEMPHIS TN 38109-4269
Children's World Learning Center MEMPHIS TN 38115
Christ Methodist Day School MEMPHIS TN 38117
Christ The King Lutheran School MEMPHIS TN 38119
Christ The Rock Christian Academy MEMPHIS TN 38125
Circles Of Success Learning Academy MEMPHIS TN 38106
City University School Of Liberal Arts MEMPHIS TN 38118
Coleman Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38128-3395
Colonial Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38117-6636
Concord Academy Inc MEMPHIS TN 38117
Corning Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38127-4309
Coro Lake Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38109-6127
Corry Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38106-7814
Craigmont High School MEMPHIS TN 38128-3902
Craigmont Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38128-3902
Creative Life Preparatory School MEMPHIS TN 38106
Cromwell Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38118-5506
Cross Of Calvary Lutheran School MEMPHIS TN 38116
Crump Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38115
Cummings Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38106-2209
Cypress Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38108-2269
De La Salle Elementary at Blessed Sacrament Memphis TN 38112
Delano Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38127-8626
Denver Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38127-5618
Diamond Academy MEMPHIS TN 38127-5618
Double Tree Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38109-4887
Douglass Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38108-1929
Downtown Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38103
Dunbar Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38114-3202
East Career Technology Center MEMPHIS TN 38111
East High School MEMPHIS TN 38111-3502
Egypt Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38128-2210
Elliston Baptist Academy MEMPHIS TN 38111
Emmanuel United Methodist Kindergarten MEMPHIS TN 38119
Evans Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38118-2606
Evergreen Presbyterian Kindergarten MEMPHIS TN 38107
Fairley Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38109-7375
Fairley High School MEMPHIS TN 38109-7375
Fairview Junior High School MEMPHIS TN 38104-5556
Florida Kansas Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38106
Ford Road Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38109-3230
Fox Meadows Elementary MEMPHIS TN 38115
Frayser Academy Of Christian Education MEMPHIS TN 38127
Frayser Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38127-7265
Frayser High School MEMPHIS TN 38127-7265
Frederick Douglas Wesson Christian Acade MEMPHIS TN 38116
Gardenview Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38116-6018
Geeter Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38109-5737
Georgia Avenue Elementary MEMPHIS TN 38126-3902
Georgian Hills Elementary MEMPHIS TN 38127-3925
Georgian Hills Junior High School MEMPHIS TN 38127-4001
Getwell Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38118
Goodlett Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38118-2900
Gordon Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38107-4296
Grace Christian School MEMPHIS TN 38122
Grace St Lukes Episcopal School MEMPHIS TN 38104
Graceland Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38116-5226
Grahamwood Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38122-5210
Grandview Heights Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38127-8259
Graves Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38116-3020
Grey Road Christian Academy MEMPHIS TN 38108
Grizzlies Academy MEMPHIS TN 38103
Guthrie Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38107-2034
Hamilton Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38106-6004
Hamilton High School MEMPHIS TN 38106-6995
Hamilton Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38106-5036
Hanley Elementary School MEMPHIS TN 38114-2534
Harding Academy At White Station MEMPHIS TN 38117
Harding Academy Of Memphis MEMPHIS TN 38117
Harding Academy Sycamore View MEMPHIS TN 38134
Havenview Middle School MEMPHIS TN 38116-8401

Don’t see your school? Search by zip code for best results.
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ClassWish Eligibility Requirements

ClassWish invites leaders of FIRST Robotics teams and also invites teachers, student teachers, substitute teachers, part-time after school teachers, staff developers, librarians, guidance counselors, school nurses, coaches, principals, administrators, other school employees directly serving students in an educational capacity, and officers acting on behalf of school Parent Teacher Association units recognized by the National Parent Teacher Association and on behalf of other parent teacher organizations (collectively, “Educators”) in K-12, public, magnet and charter schools, and private and parochial that are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and that are in the 50 states or the District of Columbia (collectively, “Allowed Schools”) to create wish lists (“Wish Lists”) indicating the supplies and equipment they need for their students to excel and to submit requests (“Requests”) for ClassWish to provide particular items funded by contributions to such Wish Lists.

Funded Requests cannot be transferred to another Educator.

In order to register on ClassWish.org and create Wish Lists and Requests, you must attest to the following:

  • I confirm that I am a leader of a FIRST Robotics team or am an Educator in an Allowed School, as those terms are defined above;
  • The activities for which I intend to use any items received through ClassWish are legal and fall within the standards of my state and/or local board or department of education, and the policies of my school or, in the case of FIRST Robotics team leaders, fall within the standards of FIRST Robotics;
  • All information I provide to ClassWish is accurate, and I will promptly update the information to keep it accurate;
  • Any Requests I submit and any funding or items I receive are solely for use in my classroom and/or school, or in the case of FIRST Robotics team leaders are solely for use by my FIRST team, and any items I request through ClassWish will not be for my or anyone else’s personal use;
  • I agree that any items provided to me by ClassWish shall become and remain the property of (i) the school to which ClassWish has them delivered, and I will not take such items to another school, or (ii) in the case of a FIRST Robotics team such items provided to me by ClassWish or purchased with funds provided to me by ClassWish shall become and remain the property of the FIRST Robotics team or, if such is dissolved, shall become the property of FIRST Robotics.
  • I commit to including in my Wish Lists and Requests only items that will benefit my students’ education, including extracurricular activities, and to use any items that I receive from ClassWish only for such purposes.
  • I agree that in the event that ClassWish determines that any items I received through ClassWish are not being used in accordance with these Eligibility Requirements, I will return such items to ClassWish at my expense. In the case of FIRST teams, ClassWish may rely on the determination of FIRST Robotics in this regard.

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