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Mount Sion Mentor Girl Scout Troop 2209 is proud to support our schools
365 Ralph Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11233


Good afternoon, my name is Sabrina Taylor and I am a mentor and Troop leader for the Mount Sion Mentor Girl Scout Troop 2209. I am the director of programs and my Assistant Director is Ms. Bernadette Peebles. Together we mentor girls from disadvantage urban communities in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn. We are located at Mount Sion Baptist Church at 365 Ralph Avenue Brooklyn New York 11233. We are a faith based organization that work with at risk young women of color. We are interested in linking our organization with the Class Wish organization on behalf of our young women. The young ladies that we serve are very community conscious and are academically focus and would benefit from volunteering at the Class Wish organization tremendously. They are all interested in attending a university with the completion of high school. All of the young women that we serve are from underserve areas and families. Each girl will uniquely represent her family for the first time by attending college.. I’m interested in our group (Faith Based Organization ) becoming volunteers for Class Wish program We are interested in participating in one of your events or programs.. I thank you for your time and consideration and look forward in hearing from you in the near future. If you have any further questions please feel free to call me at Cell # 347 217-9947 and office # 212 306-7914 Respectfully Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina Wallington- Taylor

Director of Program & Troop Leader

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