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Give Every Child A Chance of Tuolumne County is proud to support our schools
175 S. Fairview Lane, Room 216
Sonora CA 95370


Thank you for visiting Give Every Child A Chance (GECAC) of Tuolumne County. This is a rural county that is in the Sierra Nevada's in Central California. We are rich in beauty but struggle with the day-to-day means of support. GECAC of Tuolumne County is a newly formed expansion of GECAC. We are forming because most of the schools are unable to offer after school programs that are academic-based anymore. That is where we come in. We will be opening our first site this year at a rural elementary school that has around 800 students. As is the case of many new nonprofits, the heart is willing, the volunteers are excited, but the funds are slow to trickle in. We would be grateful of your participation as we give these children a safe place to get help on their education and to build the self-confidence. And the final objective ... to keep them in school and to go on to higher education. Thank you for looking at Give Every Child A Chance of Tuolumne County.

Lisa Hobbs

Project Director

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Schools We Support

We support these schools:

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We are a volunteer-based organization. We are encouraging the members of the school board, parents of Curtis Creek, retired teachers of Tuloumne County, and other citizens within the area to donate their time to this worthy cause. Our motto is "Your Time ~ Their Future".

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