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Carolina Forest High School

700 GARDNER LACY ROAD MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29579 843-236-2997

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Office Supplies

Notebooks, printer toner, staplers, glue, pens, markers – our students need so many office-type supplies for their classes. Your contribution will ensure that Carolina Forest High School teachers have what students need.


Technology is all around us, and always moving forward. We want our students to move forward, as well. Please help provide students at Carolina Forest High School with the computers they need to get a 21st century education.

Art Supplies

Art supplies were one of the first things to be cut from school budgets across the country. Encourage our students’ creativity and expression by contributing toward art supplies at Carolina Forest High School. Let their true colors shine through!

Musical Instruments

Music is valuable in and of itself, and it has been shown to improve students’ academic performance all across the board. Please help our students discover the joy of playing a musical instrument, express themselves, and learn a multitude of life lessons. By contributing toward musical instruments at Carolina Forest High School, you will enrich the lives of our wonderful students.


Reading is at the very core of education. By helping provide Carolina Forest High School students with books, you are ensuring that they become lifelong readers, that they get to explore new worlds and gain knowledge, and that they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Library resources

Today’s library is not just a room full of books. The Carolina Forest High School library needs funding for books, magazines, digital materials, technology, equipment, and furniture. Your contribution will enrich the education of all our students.

Science Equipment

Who is going to find the cures for cancer and other diseases? Who will invent the next miracle materials? It may be one of our students but only if they have the science equipment they need to learn. Help ensure that our country and our students have a bright future by donating toward science equipment for Carolina Forest High School.


We want our students to know what is happening in the world right now. Magazines provide that information, encourage reading, and engage our students with the world around them. Please help fund subscriptions for Carolina Forest High School.

Sports Equipment

Without sports equipment, the Sultan of Swing would still be George Herman Ruth, Jr. Our students need sports equipment to exercise, to learn team work, to develop social skills, and to compete. Your contribution can make all the difference for Carolina Forest High School students.


Carolina Forest High School needs paper for so many uses: for hand-outs, exams, writing assignments, art projects, and more. We need paper for the copiers, for the printers, and for students to write on. Please donate so all our teachers and students have this essential resource.

AV Equipment

Learning isn’t just about books. Students and teachers also need modern audio-visual equipment. Your contribution will enhance Carolina Forest High School students’ learning experience so they are in the best position to succeed.

Field Trips

Remember how exciting it was to get to go on field trips when you were in school? These trips are fun, they are educational, and they give our students exposure to the real world. Field trips give our students memories, experiences and lessons they will never forget. Your donation will ensure that our students can have those great experiences.

Playground Equipment

Some students think that the playground is the best part of school. We think it’s pretty great, too. It encourages students to socialize, gets them moving, and teaches them valuable life lessons. Your contribution will help provide Carolina Forest High School students with the playground equipment they need.


We need sturdy, comfortable furniture for our students to be able to learn. It is such a basic thing, and yet the need is so severe. It’s a great long-term investment in our school, since it will last for many years. Give our students a soft place to rest and a firm table to think and learn on. Their classroom should be their home away from home, so let’s make sure it's comfortable.

Classroom Furniture

Our student can't learn if our classrooms do not have the furniture they need. Your contribution will help provide classroom furniture that will last for years.

Theater Needs

Some students feel most alive when they are on stage. Others feel important and fulfilled when they are backstage making sure the lights and scenery are just right. Even if your child does not fit either of those categories, the whole school will benefit from a well-equipped drama department.

Outdoor Furniture

Students should have somewhere to sit and gather outdoors. Your contribution will provide long-lasting chairs, benches, tables, and other outdoor furniture for our students.

Special Needs Equipment and Supplies

Special Needs Education teachers and therapists require all sorts of resources to ensure that all students get the best possible education. Your contribution will help provide adaptive equipment, rehab equipment and therapy solutions to Carolina Forest High School students.

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