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Devastating budget cuts leave most schools without the supplies and equipment students need to have a rewarding classroom experience, explore their potential and excel.

Together, we can change that! ClassWish.org makes it easy for teachers, administrators, and PTA/PTO leaders to create Wish Lists of the things they need, as easily as shopping online.

Parents, grandparents, alumni, local businesses, and others in the community make tax-deductible contributions* to help fill classrooms with the resources that will enrich students' experience and allow them to thrive.

How it Works:

ClassWish.org, an exciting new nonprofit, offers real help:

  • Teachers, administrators and PTA/PTO leaders create Wish Lists of the supplies they need. It's as easy as shopping online.
  • ClassWish helps you spread the word to parents and other supporters.
  • Visitors see exactly what is needed and how they can help.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible and donors receive a receipt.*
  • Many companies match employees’ contributions, and that can double their funding.
  • We credit the full amount of those donations, less a credit card processing fee of 2.9% and 30 cents) to an account for the school. In the case of funds for field trips, we send a check to the school, less a 5% handling fee, at the end of each month that the balance totals at least $50.
  • Teachers and PTA/PTO leaders visit http://ClassWish-Vendors.org to submit a request for the items you need.
  • ClassWish has the supplies sent to you at your school.

The result? Teachers and school leaders get the support they need. Parents and communities are united in helping our students learn, grow and perform at their best.

About Donations for School Needs:
  • Many donors visit the site and want to donate to help students at a particular school and find that the administrator or PTA/PTO has not yet created a Wish List.
  • We therefore added a School Needs section to each school page.
  • We notify the Parent Teacher organization (if the school has one) or the Principal and provide directions on how to use the funds to obtain needed resources from our Catalog or from any of our vendor partners, which are listed at http://classwishteachers.weebly.com/request-resources.html.
  • ClassWish has the supplies sent to the school.


Start receiving support

  1. Search for your school.
  2. Click "Teachers, Create a Wish List" and follow the instructions. Yes, PTA/PTO leaders do it just like teachers.
  3. Add items to your Wish List.
  4. Visit the Wish List Toolkit for ideas about spreading the word to parents and other potential contributors.

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* ClassWish is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Charitable gifts and donations made to ClassWish.org are tax deductible to donors who are United States taxpayers. Download our tax letter »

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