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Does your school have the supplies needed for students to have a rewarding experience, explore their potential and excel? Probably not.

Here are three easy and efficient ways to change the situation:

  1. ClassWish is the only nonprofit that lets anybody make a tax-deductible contribution* to fund any type of resource for any K-12 school in the country. They can help fund the things they care about. Many companies match employees’ donations, which can double their funding.
  2. Anyone can donate to fund needs for any teacher or coach, even if they do not yet have a wish list.
  3. Anyone can earn donations—at no cost—when they start their online shopping on your school or teacher pages of ClassWish (teachers do need to join in order to benefit from that, so please let them know about the opportunity). Yes, there are some businesses with this sort of “charity mall” type of donation, but ClassWish is far more generous, much quicker to pay, and much easier to use. See http://ClassWish.org/shop for more info.

Unlike some nonprofit school fundraising sites, we welcome administrators and PTA/PTO leaders, as well as librarians, school nurses and student teachers. You and they can all create wish lists. It’s quick and easy!

As soon as you have donations, just visit http://ClassWish-Vendors.org to place your request for materials.

The result? All of us become part of the education process, filling classrooms with the resources that will enrich students' experience and allow them to thrive.

Be sure to invite teachers to create wish lists. Here is an email you can send .

Be sure to tell parents, too. Here is an email you can send .

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* ClassWish is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Charitable gifts and donations made to ClassWish.org are tax deductible to donors who are United States taxpayers. Download our tax letter »

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